Private car rental in Ba Be National Park

Explore Ba Be National Park with Private Car Rental Nestled in the mountainous region of Vietnam, Ba Be National Park offers a diverse range of attractions and activities to cater to every traveler’s preferences. The hilly terrain, while beautiful, can pose challenges for visitors, particularly those unfamiliar with the local language or transportation systems.

To overcome these challenges and enjoy the park at your leisure, consider opting for a private car rental service in Ba Be National Park. This service provides not only a vehicle but also a driver, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free exploration of the park.

Booking a car with a driver can be done online or through Ba Be Voyages. The driver will conveniently pick you up from your accommodation, drive you around the park, and wait while you visit the attractions. The cost varies depending on the car type, distance covered, and rental duration. For instance, a 7-seater car rental for a day typically costs around 2.8 million VND ($115).

For inquiries or bookings, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp: +84 977302.910

In Conclusion: Car Rental in Ba Be National Park Renting a car in Ba Be is an excellent choice for those wishing to fully experience this vibrant rural area in Northern Vietnam. With various car types and services available to suit different needs and budgets, you can explore the attractions around Ba Be Lake at your own pace.

In regards about taxi in Ba Be National Park. Please note that due to its mountainous terrain and less touristic nature, taxis are scarce in Ba Be National Park. However, we are always here to assist you!

Pic. 2. Puong cave in Ba Be National Park

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