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Ba Be National Park, often so-called as the Ba Be Lake, is situated in Ba Be District, and it about 240 km from Hanoi capital. Total area of 23,000 hectares with it beautiful waterfalls, green valley rivers, lakes and caves. Ba Be area is the inhabit of many ethnic communities.

The remarkable of Ba Be Lake mean three lakes and it linked by wide channel and about 8 km length. The water surface of the lake is always cool, calm and it great for a relaxing boat trip and swimming. Since 2004, Ba Be National Park was authenticate as an ASEAN natural heritage. The park center is Ba Be Lake and it located at an altitude of 60m a.s.l. Ba Be lake is sometime considered as “Halong Bay on land”. Since 2011, Ba Be park has been recognized as a wetland area of international importance, ranking number 3rd in Vietnam and 1938th in the world.

1. The legend of Ba Be Lake

Once upon a time, an old woman beggar came to the village. Wherever she went, she always said: “I’m hungry. Please extend your mercy.” But nobody gave anything to her, and they were scared of her and fled. Fortunately, there was a widow and her son who were not disgusted the ragged and tattered beggar, and let her into the house to eat and sleep. At midnight, the mother was suddenly started awake by the snore of the beggar. As soon as she opened her eyes, she was petrified to see a large dragon sleeping, not an old poor woman. The mother shivered but did not dare to cry, fearing that the dragon could swallow her and her son. At the crack of the dawn, the mother did not see the dragon in the house, instead, the beggar woke up and ready to go.
When saying goodbye to the widow and his son, the beggar gave the mother a package of ash and said:” Vicious people should be severely penalized, but I’ll help you – kind people. Sprinkle the ash around the house tonight. If you want to go out, climb to the high mountain”. After that, the old woman picked some patties from her pocket and said: “Bite the patties to take out the rice. Rice helps to protect you from starving, and husk helps save your lives.” Having said this, the old woman disappeared. Doubtfully, they told their strange story to the villagers, but nobody believed them. That night, in the middle of the celebration, water spouted from the ground. In just minutes, everything was flooded in water. Magically, only the house of the widow and her son was affected. Remembering the advice of the beggar, the woman dropped the husk into the water, and the husk suddenly became a dinghy. They were sailing to rescue the villagers, so nobody died.

2. When is the best time to visit Ba Be park?

As you know Ba Be National Park is still a less touristic area, it mean that all year around there are no peak time. But best time to visit the area probably is in Autumn, Spring and Winter because of it comfort weather come in September to at the end of May. However, it is still worth to visit Ba Ba Lake in the green season in the Summer time as well.

3. How to get to Ba Be National Park from Hanoi

As you know, Ba Be National Park is 240 km to North direction away from Hanoi capital. To come to Ba Be, traveler’s can drive about 5 hours on the route with it incredible scenery and it definitely worth it. Visitors also can take the local buses, ride a scooter or for who not confident in drive by themselves can book a private car with Ba Be Discovery is one of the best choice and deal for an excellent trip from Hanoi. Please contact us 😊

4. Accommodations

Travelling to Ba Be National Park and stayover with a local family in a homestay/ family hotel is a priority if you would like to have authentic lifestyle and enriching your experience. There are some of Tay local minority running the homestay/hotel accommodations in a designated area of Ba Be National Park. The homestays are relatively simple and in the hotel room is more privacy and clean and comfortable. At your accommodation in Ba Be you can ask the owner serve meals and starts at around from $2 -$10 USD/ person/meal depend on what you would like to take.
There’s also a state run style resort (Sai Gon – Ba Be Resort) at the entrance to the National Park but it is more expensive than other hotels surrounding with the same standard you can consider Ba Be Legend Hotel (our hotel) if you would like to be intouch with a family run hotel like us.

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