Top Ba Be National Park Attractions

Ba Be National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in Vietnam, located in Bac Kan province. This national park is famous for the vast Ba Be lake along with the scenic system of caves and grottoes. It has amazing and diverse natural landscapes and biodiversity.

Ba Be offers a wide range of interesting to explore, from geology, landscapes to fauna and flora. Among the top attractions in Ba Be National Park, the following spots are must-visits:

1. Flora and Fauna – Ba Be National Park

Flora and fauna in Ba Be National Park (@lorearoundtheworld)

If you’re interested in ecotourism activities, Ba Be National Park is the perfect place to visit. The park is home to a diverse and abundant range of flora and fauna, including approximately 417 species of plants. The vegetation in Ba Be National Park mainly consists of limestone and evergreen forest, with regional endemic plants such as climbing bamboo common on the hill slopes near the lake shore. Additionally, Ba Be National Park is a haven for animal lovers, with over 600 species of animals, including 66 that are considered rare and endangered.

2. Scenic Landscape FeaturesBa Be National Park

There are some interesting places that you should not leave out when coming to Ba Be National Park. 

  • Fairy pond

If you’re looking for a cool and fresh climate, Ao Tien is the perfect place to visit. This small lake is located on top of a mountain and is filled with clear water that seeps through the surrounding limestone rock. The name Ao Tien (the lake of fairy) comes from a legend that fairies always go down to this place to swim and play chess.

  • Ba Be lake

Ba Be Lake is a beautiful destination that offers visitors a chance to see rivers, waterfalls, lakes, valleys and caves amidst picturesque landscapes. The lake is 8 kilometers long in total, about 400 meters wide, and has the deepest point of 35 meters. It is actually made up of three freshwater lakes that run together: Pe Lu, Pe Lam and Pe Leng. Additionally, the lake is home to more than 30 animal species such as wild pigs, bears, panthers, monkeys and birds as well as many ancient trees from which several varieties of precious wood are obtained

  • .Pac Ngoi commune

Pac Ngoi Commune is home to the Tay ethnic minority community in Ba Be National Park. It is a small tourist village that has become a popular venue for foreign and local tourists to experience home-stay and unique culture. There are about 20 made-of-wood stilt houses in Pac Ngoi that cater to tourists with home-stay services. Each house preserves unique traditional features of Tay ethnic people, giving a glimpse of Tay culture to tourists, especially foreign ones. Although modern architecture has been introduced, the traditional stilt houses in Pac Ngoi Commune are still highly valued and well-preserved.

  • Dau Dang waterfall

Dau Dang Waterfall is located about 3 km west of Ba Be Lake and straddles the border between Tuyen Quang and Bac Kan provinces. Here, Nang River flows through a rocky section containing numerous sized stones and forms a long stretch of 1 km between two lakes. The waterfall is stunning, with water falling down with dazzling white bubbles throughout the year, creating an impressive sound in the splendid jungle. There are a wide variety of fish in this waterfall, some weighing up to 10 kilograms. After the first rains in March and April, schools of fish race with each other to pass the waterfall. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have a chance to witness this scene while leaning on the mossy rocks and immersing yourself in the cool atmosphere.

  • Thac Bac waterfall

Thac Bac is located 8 km south of Ba Be Lake. In an area of 200 m width and 40 m height, Thac Bac creates a beautiful natural landscape with the formation of many small lakes. According to some documents from Ba Be National Park, underneath this waterfall, there are crystal clear puddles along with stacked stones, which are perfect for tourists to take photographs

  • .Hua Ma cave

Hua Ma Cave is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Bac Kan. Located in Quang Khe Commune, Ba Be district, the cave is said to have been shaped naturally over many years of geological changes. Hua Ma Cave has a depth of around 700 m with an average ceiling height of 50 m. There are various stalactites and stalagmites in different shapes such as terraced fields, lotus throne, stone gate, stone curtain and so on. Despite being discovered recently, Hua Ma Cave is now considered the most spectacular intact natural cave in this region.

  • Tham Phay cave

Tham Phay Cave is a large area of clear lakes, dramatic mountains and verdant forests in the north of Ba Be National Park. The cave’s main body stretches underground for around 3000 m and its limestone karst is created by water erosion over a long period of time. Inside the cave, there are bats as well as many other plants and insects that will interest every naturalist. The cave’s entrance is concealed in the middle of the mountains, so it is very hard to discover at first.

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