Top 10 Things To Do Around Stunning Ba Be Lake

After spending five years exploring the landscapes surrounding stunning Ba Be Lake in northern Vietnam, I’ve compiled this list of my top 10 recommended activities for travelers.

Number 1 is taking a boat tour onto the lake itself. Its turquoise waters, shimmering against the jungle-covered limestone peaks, are breathtaking. Stop to explore hidden lagoons and lush riverside caves. Spot colorful kingfishers, eagles, and hornbills. Local guides expertly maneuver traditional bamboo boats.

Taking a boat tour onto the lake itself

Next at number 2, hike through lush primeval forest to Hang Puong Grotto. Pass towering karst cliffs and waterfalls, encountering ethnic minority villages. The enormous cavern dazzles with shimmering stalactites and stalagmites. The 3-hour trek is moderate and rewards with epic vistas.

Hike through lush primeval forest to Hang Puong Grotto

Coming in at number 3, cycle around the lake taking in rural scenes of rice paddies, flower gardens, and water buffalo. Stop at minority villages to experience Tay culture and hospitality. Easy scenic rides range from 2 hours to full-day options.

Cycle around the lake taking in rural scenes of rice paddies, flower gardens, and water buffalo

Number 4 is kayaking across Ba Be Lake for unique perspectives of the karst scenery. Paddle through emerald waters and intricate clusters of limestone peaks jutting into the sky. Head deep inside caverns adorned with glistening rock formations.

Kayaking across Ba Be Lake for unique perspectives of the karst scenery

Next, number 5 is spending a night or more in a traditional Tay minority stilt house homestay. This cultural immersion in Pac Ngoi village includes home-cooked meals, a peek into local lifestyles, and hosting by a friendly family.

Number 6 is trekking from Ba Be Lake to Ban Chan village. Walk through verdant jungle, past cascading waterfalls and minority villages. Then boat back across the lake after this full-day moderate trek.

Coming in at number 7 is exploring Muong Phe Cave, accessible by short walk from Pac Ngoi village. Be awed by dramatic rock formations and picturesque Buddha statues inside its chambers.

Number 8 is visiting ethnic minority markets and villages around the lake. Dai Tu, Coc Toc, and Pac Ngoi communities offer glimpses into traditional lifestyles and handicrafts. Don’t miss sampling rice liquor with locals!

Second to last, number 9 is night fishing for snakehead, carp, and catfish in the lake’s tranquil waters. Cook your catch over a campfire with forest views.

Finally, number 10 is simply sitting back and soaking in Ba Be National Park’s extraordinary scenery. Hike, swim, picnic, birdwatch, or nap in a hanging paddy-field hut. Let serenity wash over you.

With thrilling adventures, cultural connections, and harmony with nature, Ba Be Lake offers unforgettable experiences in one of Vietnam’s most majestic settings. Use this Top 10 list to guide your explorations of this unspoiled natural wonderland.

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