Top 10 Exciting Activities To Do in Ba Be National Park

Nestled within towering peaks, verdant forests and serene lakes, Ba Be National Park is a natural playground begging to be explored. This Vietnamese wonderland offers diverse exciting activities for you to connect with nature and discover local culture.

Kayaking on Ba Be Lake

Paddle through the vast jade waters of Vietnam’s largest freshwater lake and take in the dramatic scenery of lush forests and mountains.

Kayaking on Ba Be Lake

Trekking nature trails

Immerse yourself in nature by conquering Ba Be’s hiking trails through dense woodlands filled with exotic fauna and flora. Popular treks include Puong Cave and Ban Coc Village.

Boat tours

Hop aboard a wooden boat to cruise along the Nang River, admiring stunning vistas of Ba Be Lakes and waterfalls. Stop at local villages along the way.

Caving: Be awed by the mystical beauty of caves like Puong, An Ma and Hua Ma. Marvel at sparkling stalactites, stalagmites and legends.

Waterfall swims: Take a refreshing dip at majestic waterfalls like Dau Dang and Tang Constellation Falls. Feel your stresses melt away.

Village homestays: Experience local tribal culture by staying overnight at traditional Tay, Dzao or Hmong stilt houses and enjoy cultural activities.

Cycling: Bike through picturesque villages and rice terraces. Visit local markets and interact with ethnic minority communities.

Bird watching: Spot rare bird species like storks, kingfishers and pheasants. Ideal spots include Ban Coc floating village and Moi Spring.

Camping: Pitch a tent within the national park and wake up to misty mountains. Disconnect from technology and reconnect with yourself.

Relaxing by the lake: Soak in uninterrupted lake views or enjoy a picnic on the shore. The perfect way to unwind in nature.

With its incredible diversity of landscapes and activities, Ba Be National Park promises an unforgettable adventure. Discover this natural wonderland today!

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