Discover Authentic Experiences: Community-Based Tourism in Bac Kan, Vietnam

Bac Kan province beckons travelers with its distinctive approach to community-based tourism, promising authentic experiences in Vietnam’s northeast. Discover the cultural richness of ethnic minority villages, where traditional music and homestay stays await amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Ba Be Lake.

Ba Be Lake

Clusters of traditional music clubs dot the landscape around Ba Be Lake, providing a glimpse into the local way of life. Experience the soul-stirring melodies of Then Singing and Tinh music, shared passionately by local farmers and musicians.

Then singing and Tinh playing clubs at Ba Be Lake help preserve the traditional music of the Tay ethnic minority

In partnership with local communities, the government has curated immersive tourism experiences, from traditional stilt house stays to cooking classes and weaving workshops. Step into the heart of Bac Kan’s cultural tapestry and immerse yourself in age-old traditions.

Venture beyond Ba Be Lake to explore hands-on activities at homestays and farmstays, where fishing, mussel harvesting, and rice field work await. Experience the warmth of hospitality as you engage with local hosts and embrace rural life.

Bac Kan province has witnessed a significant uptick in tourism, welcoming over 570,000 visitors in recent months. This surge underscores Bac Kan’s potential as a burgeoning tourist destination, blending cultural heritage with natural beauty.

Travellers with Dzao people

With its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, Bac Kan is poised for growth in the tourism sector. Explore the hidden gems of Ba Be National Park, the RAMSA-designated wetland area, and the iconic Ba Be Lake, and discover why Bac Kan is a rising star in Vietnam’s tourism landscape.

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